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Our Story

  In October 2018  Freedom Cruisers Chapter 143 was asked to put together a never before event to send as many kids to Camp Corral as absolutely possible. While there are tons of charities, fundraiser and organizations to support our veterans many times the children are not thought about as having to go through a transition as well after mom and/or dad come home from service.

   It was only a matter of days before Cruising For Kids “Let Freedom Camp “ was born. What started out as bike run to one of the actual camps for Camp Corral turned into an all day event with bands, car show, vendors and raffles thru out the day.

   100% of all proceeds from this annual event will go toward the cause. We hope to make each year bigger and send more kids then the previous year before. While many folks ride and love to participate in car shows, love to shop and listen to live music, there are just as many that would love to support from simply sitting in their comfy home. This is where the donate buttons come in.

   If you would like to donate to the cause or sponsor a child to go to camp please see the contact Information for questions or again there are donate now buttons for your ease of access Freedom Cruisers Chapter 143 and Camp Corral we thank you so much for your support and God Bless always.

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